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From Our Customers

February 8, 2022

It was a few years ago that I luckily attend our Farmers Market because I discovered Herbal Phoenix. They are tea and so much more. They offer an extensive variety of natural remedies which are all handcrafted by Tiffany and Duffy. 

I have purchased and used with much success many of their offerings, be it teas or balms, or  bath and body products. I have also bought items to give as gifts to others. Tiffany is able to make concoctions that that individualized to different needs and ailments.


January 23, 2022


My name is Ann Marie and I have been a devoted customer of Herbal Phoenix since they first came to the Ferguson Farmers Market in 2020. I will only buy my specialty tea and face products from them, and I have been using non-traditional remedies since I was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory condition in 2004. Over the years, I have tried many non-traditional interventions (for example, Nuwali teas is one producer) and other competitors do not measure up to the phoenix. There are several reasons I purchase my specialty teas solely from Tiffany and Duffy.

First, the quality is outstanding. I have only ever had the very freshest, quality level ingredients. The teas and other products are vibrant in flavor, color, and potency. In addition, Tiffany has many unique recipes and blends which I have never tried. Amazingly, for my inflammation her products have made a significant difference.

Secondly, Tiffany has an extensive knowledge of plant medicine and has an intuitive knowledge of how to apply these traditional medicines to contemporary issues. Tiffany is committed to preserving the past to sustain the future. Her knowledge is extensive, in depth and comprehensive.

Third, Tiffany grows her own medicine (plants) and everything she uses. I know that the product has been in her care since it started a seedling in the ground! She uses traditional cultivation techniques and understand how to grow and harvest the plants is an important and often overlooked part of the process. This kind of care with the plants is not available with large, big box operatives.

I fully support Herbal Phoenix in their mission. They support their customers in living healthy, balanced lives; and they have a sincere desire to give back to Mother Earth.

Ann Marie 

Happy Customer since 2020

January 21, 2022

To Whom It May Concern:


My first tasting the ginger tea was through my daughter. I absolutely loved the taste and wanted to get some for myself. It was a pleasant Saturday morning, and I went for a walk. After I finished my walk, I stopped by the area where they had their table with a selection of teas. I knew I wanted to get more of the ginger tea but browsed around before purchasing.

When I stopped to purchase the tea, I was impressed with the selections. When I asked about the teas and what they were for, I was told what they were made from and their uses. They were very knowledgeable about their teas. I began to discuss various things I was concerned about in my body (aches and pain) and which teas worked for which ailment. All my questions were answered with professionalism.

I’m trying to be more conscious of my health and do things naturally to help in those area. The teas I purchased were for inflammation, constipation, metabolism, and a few other issues I have had for many years. Since beginning to use the teas, I have noticed improvement in those conditions. They are a great addition to my healthier lifestyle regiment and will continue to purchase more in the future.

If I have questions, I can send emails and get responses in a timely manner. When I place an order, I appreciate the care in which my orders are filled. Each encounter I have had with them have been very pleasant. I appreciate great customer service; they pay attention to detail and that is important to me. They have been most kind and helpful. I introduced my family out of state to the teas and they loved them as well. I will continue to get teas because they do work.




January 25, 2022

Still haven’t tried Herbal Phoenix? You are missing out! They have incredible quality and are competitively priced. I started my journey with the Laurel soap. I have INCREDIBLY sensitive skin and have never had an issue with this soap. It has stopped me from having reoccurring rashes/allergic reactions. I have recommended this soap to several friends and family members that are in the same situation. So far, everyone has loved it!

I have also purchased and loved:

  • Weight loss tea

  • Pain tea

  • Dandelion balm

  • Yarrow balm 

I am proud to be a life-long customer! Thank you! 


  • Dionne - 

    • "Puree teas are delish!" June 2021

    • "Today, I tried Stay Alert & I liked it!  You know I love the puree teas! I've been using the oil on my hair & I need more Candy Cane tea. See you Saturday!" June 2021

    • "So many great teas & products!" September 2021

    • "Nothing ever cures my migraines except their migraine tea." November 2021

    • "My husband told everyone at the barber shop about their beard oils. He really likes them." October 2021

  • Sarah- " I drink their Stay Alert tea. It is some serious wake me up juice." December 2019

  • Kory - "The Psoriasis kit has helped my psoriasis go from inflamed and scaly all the time to looking like regular skin in 3 weeks! It works!" February 2020

  • Kortney- " The anxiety tea is amazing. It works so quickly." March 2020

  • Bishop D - "Teas for many symptoms. Really helps my wife" April 2020

  • Dawn- "The teas and salve are custom made to your needs!!!!  I LOVE them!!! I have been dealing with back pain for years and within minutes of using the salve I felt relief!  I am so happy I tried this because it truly helps!!! November 2020

  • Naeem- " I get all my ginger and turmeric from them. It is always the freshest and most potent that I can find. I use it daily." April 2021

  • Sara - "Wow, the aloe honey tea is amazing! Tried it for the first time at Ferguson Farmers Market and I am so blown away. Tiffany and Duffy are great to chat with and work hard to make wonderful products." June 2021

  • Jamie- "I only use the Dandelion Balm as my lotion now. I have seen such a difference in my skin. I also use the exfoliator/moisturizer instead of normal body wash. it has made a huge difference. My daughter loves their soaps too." July 2021

  • Mandi- "The Dandelion balm has been SO good!" January 2022

  • Tracey- " I use the diabetes tea. My doctor and I have both been amazed at the progress i have made since beginning the tea. He told to keep at it. I went from numbers so high i was at risk of having a coma, to lowering my insulin intake. It really works." May 2019

  • Rhonda- "I use the lower sugar tea to keep my diabetes in check. It is great." March 2021

  • Jill- " I use all of their products. Lately, their pain balm has been really helping my ankle."- January 2022

  • Carolyn- " My husband has many ailments. He drinks the ginger puree tea daily. It really helps a lot." January 2022

  • Karl- "I use their asthma tea. I have seen a reduction in breathing issues since using their teas." December 2021

  • Jessica- " I only use the dandelion balm for my lips and no other chapsticks. My texture on my lips has completely smoothed. " December 2021

  • Customers who wish to remain anonymous-

    • "I only use the your olive soap for my granddaughter. Her skin gets dry and flaky with all other soaps."

    • "I asked for a custom order for libido for my husband and fertility for me. We saw a major difference while using these teas."

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