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Share in Our Mission

Herbal Phoenix STL is dedicated to providing healing to people utilizing nature’s gifts to us while educating people about misrepresented and under-represented people groups (their language, their history, etc...) and our path of peace with light.

Our Marketplace


In recent years, increasing numbers of people have been choosing herbal medicines or products to improve their health conditions, either alone or in combination with other methods. Herbs are staging a comeback and herbal “renaissance” occurs all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, 75% of the world's populations are using herbs for basic healthcare needs. Since the dawn of mankind, in fact, the use of herbs/plants has offered an effective medicine for the treatment of illnesses. Moreover, many conventional/pharmaceutical drugs are derived directly from both nature and traditional remedies.

While there are wellness businesses in our market, there has yet to be a company like Herbal Phoenix STL. We take knowledge from a variety of backgrounds to apply to ailments of many ranging from skin disorders, internal disorders, hair issues, mental difficulties, etc. We provide traditional healing to people of all groups. We serve those who have allergies to medications, those without insurance who need another option, and those that are desperate to find relief as western medicine has failed them.

Our current and perspective buyers range in ages and genders. They all share a few of the same characteristics. They are looking for a deeper connection with self. They are looking for solutions to their ailments. Many of them are looking for this on a budget but want an authentic indigenous experience to learn more about the seemingly absent people of our country. They want to learn and connect with others while bettering themselves.

Keeping the similarities in mind, our customers come from a variety of people groups, income brackets, and even religions. We celebrate our differences with our policy of inclusivity. Our customer could be a Native looking for connection with their culture in this modern world away from the reservation. They could be a pagan looking for mother natures provisions for their daily needs. Perhaps the customer is an Asian- American looking for herbal remedies similar to those from their ancestor's land. We even have Christians who come to see the wonder of all God created and how he planned for our every need.

Most of our customers are brand conscious, bargain buyers. They are looking for a sustainable company who is conscious of their environmental impact and attempts to balance that impact. Most want a brand that educates individuals on how to better their environmental practices to allow our earth to be here for generations to come. They are looking for an organization that understands how to use the earth's gifts without compromising her strength. In combination with being brand conscious many of our customers are bargain shoppers. COVID and our resulting economy has caused a majority of people to evaluate how they spend their money and ensure they are utilizing every dollar to its full power.

What motivates our customer to buy? We represent a cause. We are the voice for the unheard. We fight to protect mother earth and educate our customers and community. In addition to our social endeavors, we provide a service that so many have never experienced- a private consultation with a custom solution for each customer using natural elements only. We make a commitment to each customer to walk their journey to health with them as they find relief using our products and celebrate their milestones with them.

The wellness community will see a drastic uptick in productivity per market research. Plant based food has taken the market by storm and more consumers are moving their diets to plant based. The increase in demand for more sustainable products will result in a substantial rise in the plant based food market by 2030. Consumers of 2022 view wellness across six dimensions- better health, better fitness, better nutrition, better appearance, better sleep, and better mindfulness. Our teas and and natural skin/hair products allow for better health, aid in their fitness journey, and provide better nutrition to supplement their needs. We are known for the best insomnia tea in the region. If someone is struggling to sleep, they know to come see the "tea people at the market". Our teas, smudging tools, crystals, education classes, and more all lend themselves to assisting the customer to find a sense of peace and mindfulness. According to McKinsey and Companies reports, 70% of wellness spending is products while only 30% is services. We provide both to fully amplify our success in our market.


Our Shopper Experience

We endeavor to create a personalized, impactful experience each time someone shops at Herbal Phoenix. Our customer service experience lends itself to a quality, pleasant experience. Gone are impersonal shopping days.

Upon shopping with us for the first time, customers are invited to complete a brief consultation regarding their goals for their products and potential allergens. Our trained specialists provide options that fit each budget to provide a solution for our customers in every price range.

Should the customer agree, we will add them to our contact list with key products tagged in their notes. These products being items that would assist their needs. This is to ensure that when a new product in that line is launched or perhaps those products are at a discounted price, we can reach out to our customer. We strive to create repeat customers and cultivate a relationship with them much like an old-world herbal shop would.

We invite our customers to return or contact us with feedback. Our customer's satisfaction is very important to us.

The Tea House Experience (COMING IN 2024)

Drinking quality tea is an experience that is inseparable from the product itself. Yes, we can prepare the menu item that the customer orders. We can also when given the opportunity by the customer, ask a few short questions and endeavor to create a perfect cup of tea for them. Your perfect cup of tea may be a warm roasted rooibos with notes of floral undertones where mine is a traditional black tea with notes of citrus to remind me of my home in Florida and a bit of cinnamon and clove to uplift me. Each person, each day has a different perfect cup.

Our consumers are just as interested in the health benefits as they are the experience of the tea house visit. In this digital, instant gratification age, a customer could order a basic tea online but they would miss out on a more fulfilling experience. An experience they clearly desire when going to a brick-and-mortar location. The colorful, welcoming décor and the aromatic teas that surround them upon their arrival set the tone for an experience unlike other tea or coffee houses. We aim to please not only their senses but also aid their health.

Within the café or tea house area of Herbal Phoenix, we will have light breakfast options as well as lunch options for the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to these options, we will have teatime packages available for individuals and groups.

Why is this important? Traditional teatime is between 1 and 5pm. This directly corresponds with the slower times of a restaurant's day. We will capitalize on teatime offering packages with three tier tea biscuits, scones, muffins, etc. We will of course remember our customers with allergens and offer vegetarian, gluten- free, and soy free options. The Tsalagi Tea experience is for everyone.

It is important that people feel comfortable no matter their attire- casual or ornate. We will strike a balance in our tea house that allows the casual attendee to experience the same world class service an ornately dressed customer might experience. We will have varying events to appeal to all people and ensure that everyone is comfortable in this new updated, modern version of a tea house.

Social Endeavors

Each time someone comes to Herbal Phoenix they will leave with a bit more knowledge of an under-represented and/or misrepresented peoples. As an example, how did the Cherokee historically use the sassafras herb that is in your morning tea. Whether you are coming in for a quick tea and only have time for a momentary bit of knowledge while checking out or you come in and learn the history of our products in their indigenous communities, our purpose is to normalize factual representation of indigenous cultures and their way of life.

We are so dedicated to this cause that we will be having educational classes in our space to allow the community to better understand the underrepresented peoples way of life. We will also open our doors to other marginalized communities who have had to endure their story being rewritten by those who don't even know their story.

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