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Chemical Free, All Natural Ingredients

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We use wellness herbal recipes with a twist.


All ingredients are locally grown, pressed (in case of oils), harvested and dried (in case of teas). 


We have dry teas, puréed teas, crystallized teas, honey, oils for various purposes, smudging items, natural cleaners, shirts, and face masks, and an entire line of skin care.


Custom orders are available!

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In recent years, increasing numbers of people have been choosing herbal medicines or products to improve their health conditions, either alone or in combination with other methods. Herbs are staging a comeback and herbal “renaissance” occurs all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, 75% of the world's populations are using herbs for basic healthcare needs. Since the dawn of mankind, in fact, the use of herbs/plants has offered an effective medicine for the treatment of illnesses. Moreover, many conventional/pharmaceutical drugs are derived directly from both nature and traditional remedies.

While there are wellness businesses in our market, there has yet to be a company like Herbal Phoenix. We provide healing to people of all classes. We serve those who have allergies to medications, those without insurance who need another option, and those that are desperate to find relief as western medicine has failed them.

Our current and perspective buyers range in ages and genders. They all share a few of the same characteristics. They are looking for a deeper connection with self. They are looking for solutions to their ailments. They want to learn and connect with others while bettering themselves. Keeping the similarities in mind, our customers come from a variety of people groups, income brackets, and even religions. We celebrate our differences with our policy of inclusivity. Our customer could be a pagan looking for mother natures provisions for their daily needs. Perhaps the customer is an Asian- American looking for herbal remedies similar to those from their ancestor's land. We even have Christians who come to see the wonder of all God created and how he planned for our every need.

Most of our customers are brand conscious, bargain buyers. They are looking for a sustainable company who is conscious of their environmental impact and attempts to balance that impact. Most want a brand that educates individuals on how to better their environmental practices to allow our earth to be here for generations to come. They are looking for an organization that understands how to use the earth's gifts without compromising her strength. In combination with being brand conscious many of our customers are bargain shoppers. COVID and our resulting economy has caused a majority of people to evaluate how they spend their money and ensure they are utilizing every dollar to its full power.

What motivates our customer to buy? We represent a cause. We fight to protect mother earth and educate our customers and community. In addition to our social endeavors, we provide a service that so many have never experienced- a private consultation with a custom solution for each customer using natural elements only. We make a commitment to each customer to walk their journey to health with them as they find relief using our products and celebrate their milestones with them.

Consumers of 2022 view wellness across six dimensions- better health, better fitness, better nutrition, better appearance, better sleep, and better mindfulness. Our teas and and natural skin/hair products allow for better health, aid in their fitness journey, and provide better nutrition to supplement their needs. We are known for the best insomnia tea in the region. Our teas, smudging tools, crystals, education classes, and more all lend themselves to assisting the customer to find a sense of peace and mindfulness. 


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