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Hibiscus 1oz

Hibiscus 1oz

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  • Treating Diabetes

 Drinking hibiscus teas can help to lower blood pressure, which means those with diabetes can reduce their risks of experiencing this disease. Simply add two cups of hibiscus tea to your daily meals would provide the benefit. 


  • Managing Blood Pressure

It has been proved by a study in 2008 that hibiscus tea is great in reducing blood pressure. People with hypertension can get the benefits of this herbal tea since it has cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties. However, if you want it to lower blood pressure drastically, increase your intake by 3 cups daily; each of it is consisting of eight-ounces of tea.  However, if you already had low blood pressure or also called as hypotension, try to avoid drinking this tea since it might lead to dizziness or even brain and heart damage.


  • Protecting Liver

Containing antioxidants, hibiscus tea is excellent in protecting your liver. 


  • Lowering Cholesterol

Since hibiscus tea is effective in increasing good cholesterol, it is automatically effective in reducing the bad one. 


  • Aiding Digestion

Hibiscus tea is containing diuretic properties that can help to increase urination. Moreover, these properties can also improve the movement of your bowel and prevent constipation. 


  • Helping Weight Loss

One of the reasons why you gain weight is because you eat too much carbohydrate. However, living without carbohydrates is not easy. Drinking hibiscus tea can be a good solution for reducing the glucose and starch absorption containing in carbohydrates. The weight caused by water can be also reduced as hibiscus tea can flush out the impurities. 


  • Relieving Menstrual Pain

It is very common to feel some cramps when you are getting your period. However, this is very uncomfortable and that is why you need a reliever and hibiscus tea is a natural solution. Not only relieving the pain, hibiscus tea is also good in balancing your hormones to reduce your depression during menstruation.


  • Sport Drink Substitution

 Hibiscus tea can make your body cool down quicker in satiating thirst, so you don’t need to drink your packaged sport drinks anymore. 


  • Treating Disease

Drinking hibiscus tea 14 cups in a week minimally can reduce the risk of getting heart disease. It has been shown through some studies and that is why this herbal tea is used widely for lowering heart attack risk and symptoms.


  • Boosting Immune System

The contents of vitamin C, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in hibiscus tea are excellent in boosting your immune system and preventing flu and cold. 


  • Anti-Aging

Antioxidants are not only effective in killing the free radicals in the body, but they are also excellent in preventing aging signs. 


  • Powerful Antioxidants

It has been mentioned before that hibiscus tea is effective in fighting the free radicals and protect your body from many diseases such as cold, flu and even liver and heart disease. 


  • No Caffeine 


  • Richness of Vitamin C

While antioxidants have provided many benefits for your body, vitamin C can do the same thing. The combination of antioxidants and vitamin C in hibiscus tea can help you maintain your wellness. Like antioxidants, vitamin C is also boosting your immune system and lowering the risks of some chronic diseases.


Hibiscus Tea Side Effects

  • Pregnancy

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink hibiscus tea as it might give blood flow stimulation leads to menstruation since it can make your estrogen low.  If you take types of hormone replacement, it is not recommended for you unless you have consulted it with your doctor or specialist to see whether or not it is safe.


  • Interactions from Medicines

If you are taking medicines, you must ensure that their side effects wouldn’t get worse by drinking hibiscus tea.  Cancer drugs can’t be combined with hibiscus tea since it might danger your condition. So always check it with your doctor first before drinking the tea.


  • Drowsiness

Hibiscus tea is effective in calming your nerves, making you feel more relaxed. However, sometimes the effects can make you feel drowsy, which means it is not recommended to drink hibiscus tea before driving or going to work. 


  • Hypotension

If you are suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure, don’t drink hibiscus tea. You can make it even lower, which is not good for your health. 

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